Plaza Hawk then roosting WSP Hawk - January 22nd, 2013

Much of the northern United States is in a deep freeze thanks to winds coming in from the Arctic.

It was a cold, breezy, 21 degree high in New York City today. The 'real feel' temperature was 7 degrees Fahrenheit.

I ventured out to the southeastern corner of Central Park to check on the Plaza Hawks. Referring to them as the Plaza Hawks is accurate in two respects; they hang out mostly around the park's Grand Army Plaza and seem to still be building their nest on The Plaza Hotel/apartment building.

Nest site with new twigs:

It took a long while of waiting but one of the Hawks finally showed up:

It was carrying nesting material:

It was the more tan/tawny Hawk.

Flying behind The Plaza:

I didn't see where it brought the material (maybe it dropped it in mid-flight).

Nice full crop:

The Hawk was tucked behind the facade structures, out of sight.

I had already been out in the cold for 45 minutes so I headed back indoors.

I visited Washington Square Park after work to then check on Rosie and Bobby and see if they were roosting. One of them was at the Inn:

In case you missed it, I had updated my last WSP post to include that both Rosie and Bobby were seen in fine form after my last visit so even though I only saw one Hawk today, I know that they're both doing well.