Rosie and Bobby, Rosie's big rat catch - December 31st, 2012

Rosie flying to the park from the east:

On the purple NYU flag's pole at Silver Center:

She soared over the park and landed on the Hawks' favorite southwest corner building:

The shape in the sky is Bobby appearing from the west, flying over her building (where she's still seated), and heading toward the Judson Memorial Church cross:


Rosie and Bobby flew off their perches.


She eventually flew into the nest. Bobby did too, leaving after a little while:

He soared above the park square before landing on a terrace at Two Fifth Avenue which is undergoing renovation. Flying past One Fifth Avenue:

It was getting close to sunset. He and Rosie went into the trees at the western side of the park to hunt.


Bobby flew in from over my left shoulder and landed in the tree ahead of me:

Rosie flew to Hangman's Elm and scanned for prey:

This tree overlooks the lawn where Bobby and Rosie had been hunting at nightfall lately. 

Bobby flew near her tree and sat in one of the lower, better vantage points:

Rosie dropped down and made a go at some prey:

She didn't catch anything. She trotted to an open area of the lawn.

Scrunch and spring:

I like how this was all happening while the lady in the background was digging out an envelope for the letterbox next to her:

She went to Bobby:

The park is placing more snap traps on the grounds. This new one is at the lawn where Bobby and Rosie have been hunting (where rats are numerous). The combination of the non-lethal snap traps and hunting Hawks could cut down the number of vermin in the park. Maybe not in any big way but at least the Hawks are safe from being poisoned in the meantime.


Rosie dropped into the lawn again:

Another miss. 

Back in a tree:

She got harassed by a squirrel at her new tree:

The squirrel would not leave her alone. Bobby flew to her defense and charged at the squirrel to shoo it away from her:

He flew to another tree after a while:

Judson Memorial Church in the background of his new location:


Another drop and a kill this time (I heard the rat squeal when she caught it):

Scrunch and spring:

Flying so close, my zoom lens couldn't handle it:

Cleaning up:

She was on such a low branch. Maybe seven feet above the ground. A man watching and taking pictures with onlookers walked up to her with outstretched arm to take a snap with his camera. I told him, "Ohh, don't get too close, she's still a wild animal!" He immediately withdrew and someone else agreeably said, "Yeah, it's still a wild animal". Phew!

Bobst library and nest in the background:

It took several minutes but I found both Hawks again. Rosie was in a new spot and I almost missed seeing her:

Bobby on the railing of Silver Center:

Bobby flew north and out of sight:

I turned back to Rosie and she was gone too.

Rosie was spotted by a friend. She was back at Hangman's Elm, very high up:

She flew right to the Red Roost Inn:

We waited for several minutes for Bobby to show up. It was getting so dark and so late, I was about to give up and look for him at other roosting spots.

Bobby appeared sixteen minutes after Rosie roosted, flying right to bed:

He entered the roost from behind.

They were on the same rung level, he behind her: