Snowy Hawk flyby and WSP Mockingbird - January 26th, 2013

A friend and I took a subway adventure today, disembarking at a random stop in Queens. The objective was to explore an area of the city we'd never set foot on before. We'd done it before (two weeks ago) and had a fun time. During that trip I was lucky to see and take a video of a Red-tail eating a squirrel in Prospect Park. That video will be in an upcoming post. 

Today, we wound up in Jamaica, Queens. We were approaching the corner of 160th Street and Jamaica Avenue when I spotted a Red-tailed Hawk circling above a Bally Total Fitness club building. The underside of the Hawk was snowy white. It was so beautiful. 

We walked toward where the Hawk seemed to descend (on or just behind the Bally's). We searched the few blocks in the vicinity so I could finally take some photos of it but it was gone. Oh well! It was pretty fun to see this Hawk in a completely different area of town. My friend quipped that he simply cannot take me anywhere; that there's always some Hawk around! :)

We visited Washington Square Park at the end of the day. I did not see either Bobby or Rosie Hawk. A fellow Hawk-watcher saw both of them yesterday but did not see them during her morning visit to the park today.

A Mockingbird was hanging out at a flower bed:

I'm so used to seeing them dive-bombing the Hawks, not cavorting on their own.

One Fifth Avenue in the sunset:

Two Fifth Ave's boiler turning on: