Southeastern Central Park Hawks, Ducks, and Falcon - January 17th, 2013

It was an easy, breezy visit with the Hawks and other nearby birds today.

One of the Southeastern Central Park Red-tailed Hawks had just landed on a Plaza Hotel light fixture when I arrived.

Hawk just below and to the left of the flag:

It was the more tawny-colored Hawk (not the redder one with the dark tail feather dot).

The nest material still undergoing formation:

The Hawk was resting so I went to The Pond after several minutes to check on the Ducks.

The Wood Duck was still palling around with his Mallard friends:

Preening Mallard:

I was getting bored so I made my way back to the Hawk.

I saw who I believe was its mate soar toward the Hawk sitting on The Plaza:

The tree then blocked what would have been a perfect chance to photograph what happened next; The Plaza Hawk and the soaring Hawk flew toward each other and locked talons for a split second before separating again. I was pretty bummed out to not catch the action with my camera but it was a pretty exciting thing to see. 

One of the Hawks flew over The Plaza:

Close up:

Both Hawks perched on The Plaza (the more red Hawk on the extreme left, the tawny one on the right):

General William Tecumseh Sherman:

I noticed what looked like a Peregrine Falcon flying extremely high above (above all the skyscrapers in the area):