Bobby and Rosie mating at sunset - February 27th, 2013

I thought I'd have a more pleasant journey to Washington Square Park via bus rather than subway after work today (I didn't have the energy to ride a packed train). But my bus, although a "Limited"/express bus, was making all local stops so I lost valuable time. 

I bring this up only because I had to laugh at myself for getting stressed out for being delayed even by a few minutes to see Bobby and Rosie.

There was no need to fret though because I saw the Hawks in action moments after arriving at the park.

Rosie flew down and landed on construction scaffolding at Two Fifth Avenue (apartment building at the northern border of the park):

She made her way in:

The Hawks regularly gather nesting material from that building. For instance, Rosie took rope, roofing material, and soft material (all on different occasions) to the nest last year.

Bobby appeared and went toward her:

Flying past One Fifth Avenue:

He landed on Two Fifth's construction crane/hoist elevator mast:

He then dropped down to Rosie and mated with her:

Flying in front of One University Place (park arch on the left):

Behind Two Fifth:

I lost sight of both Hawks for a few minutes until I saw Bobby again while looking beyond the park arch:

He flew out of sight when I looked away to search for Rosie. I then searched all the regular night roosts but did not find where the Hawks tucked in for the night.


I only had a few minutes to check on the male Plaza Hawk and Octavia in Central Park earlier today and did not see them about. I did see one of the Hawks fly and land on one of the regular building perches while looking out an office window later in the afternoon though.