Central Park Heron, Hawks, then Bobby and Rosie tucking in - February 22nd, 2013

I spotted a Red-tailed Hawk on a familiar building perch but I'm not sure who it was:

The Hawk flew back and forth from the building to Grand Army Plaza:

Back and forth again:

It looked like the Plaza Male but I can't be sure, I was pretty far away:

The Wood Duck is still at The Pond:

Back with the Heron:

It enjoyed a long scratch:

Getting the spot:

Scrunch and spring:

I had an appointment east of Central Park later in the afternoon. I saw one Red-tailed Hawk then another fly from north to south as I was approaching 5th Avenue by way of East 61st Street. 

I spotted Octavia and the Plaza Male on the north-facing side of The Plaza Hotel/apartment building.

One of the Hawks dipping into the nest site while the other is seated to the right:


The male flew west then circled back to land on another part of The Plaza:

I got to see Bobby and Rosie at Washington Square Park after work. It was the first time I'd seen them together for days so it was a special treat for me. 

They were just about to tuck into bed at NYU's Silver Center. Each Hawk took their own corner to roost in.