Cooper's Hawk and brief Bobby and Rosie flyby - February 3rd, 2013

The lighting during my visit to Washington Square Park today was a photographer's nightmare (cloudy, soupy, changeable, and especially dark under the trees) so I just had to make do as best I could.

Angry Blue Jay cries attracted me to a couple of trees at the eastern side of the park. They were fussing over a juvenile Cooper's Hawk in their midst: 

The bird was moving very quickly through the trees.

It started to chase a squirrel. 

Poor photo below but fun the way the Hawk was looking at the squirrel from behind the branch while pursuing it:

The Hawk landed in thicker tree cover so I left it to look for Bobby and Rosie.

We had some light snow last night:

I was with two fellow Hawk-watchers at this point. It had been nearly two hours of looking and waiting in the cold for our Red-tailed Hawks.

All of a sudden my despair lifted and I turned to my comrades and said I had a really good feeling we'd see the Hawks soon, joking that my Spidey senses were telling me so. Within a minute both Bobby and Rosie flew across the square, right in front of us (one following the other). I immediately quipped, "What'd I tell ya, what'd I tell ya!?" :-D

They soared and circled above the eastern side of the park before flying very high up and soaring extremely far southeast. We only got to see the Hawks for about four minutes but it made the whole outing worth it.