Mating on The Plaza and Bobby Hawk in bed - February 21st, 2013

Central Park. It was perfect timing for me when I stepped around the corner and I saw the two Red-tailed Hawks about to mate on one side of The Plaza Hotel:

The male flew northward while the female stayed put:

They got together again several minutes later in the sky:

A flock of pigeons that inhabits Central Park's Grand Army Plaza was panicked. I looked beyond the birds and saw one of the Hawks approaching (in the center of the photo below):

The Hawk was coming in for a landing on The Plaza again:

I got to visit Washington Square Park after work and found Bobby roosting in one of his favorite spots after I spent a long while of searching for him or Rosie in the freezing cold:

Seeing him tucked in always makes me happy.

I did not see Rosie but she was spotted roosting at The Red Roost Inn (the pair's most regular roost) last night.