Octavia and Plaza Male, Bobby and Rosie - February 28th, 2013

Octavia palled around with the Plaza Male for most of my work break today, soaring high with him and following him to one of his building perches. I did not see them mate during my time with them.

Octavia on the left:

She is on the right in the photo below as they flew past The Pierre Hotel. The two Hawks seemed to tilt their heads to have a better look at each other:

Octavia joined the male who was perched on the Sherry-Netherland Hotel:

I was at a bad location lighting-wise at this point but I had no way of moving to where I could get better shots of her landing next to him:

She took off:

Both flying together by the Sherry-Netherland:

Around the GM Building:

Octavia flying between the Solow Building and Plaza Hotel:

She disappeared when flying northwest.


Washington Square Park after work.

Bobby on Judson Memorial Church cross:

He was pretty relaxed, preening.

Red tail sunset glow:

A friend who was in the park near me reported that Rosie was in the nest. She also reported that Bobby and Rosie had copulated less than an hour beforehand.

I caught sight of Rosie as she left the nest and headed to NYU's Silver Center:

Flying north:

She flew behind One Fifth Avenue:

I then saw her fly from One Fifth toward Two Fifth (or the roost?). I thought she might be sitting on the scaffolding or terraces of Two Fifth but I couldn't find her anywhere.

I noticed movement in the construction hoist mast tower but was having trouble believing it could actually be her in there:

But she was perched in there:

Hopscotching to another perch:

She looked like she was heading to the Red Roost Inn but neither she nor Bobby were there.

She headed to the roost a few minutes later, after it had darkened some more.

Bobby then flew in two minutes later (at lower rung):

Satisfied to see the Hawks safe and sound for another night, my friends and I went home.