Plaza Hawks mating again and Rosie in bed - February 6th, 2013

One of the Central Park Grand Army Plaza/Plaza Hotel Red-tailed Hawks brought a rat to the side of The Plaza:

It either dropped the rat off for a future meal or ate it on the spot. I couldn't tell because of my vantage point.

Its mate flew along The Plaza, looking on:

When I got to a better vantage point I could tell the Hawk in the Plaza nest site was the female (differentiated from the male because of the black dot on one of her tail feathers):

The male dropped down to join her:

Flying by the Crown Building:

Above Grand Army Plaza, accompanied by pigeons: 

Back to The Plaza Hotel:

Descending to mate with the female:

They mated for a good eight to ten seconds.

I had to head back to the office.

I went to Washington Square Park after work to check on Rosie and Bobby. They had been seen every day hanging out together. Highlights friends of mine reported were the two of them sharing a pigeon meal together, Rosie catching vermin in the park, and both Hawks perching at the nest together.

My camera wasn't yet out and at the ready when I saw Rosie float down the street and turn to head into their regular evening roost.


I did not see Bobby tonight but I was not worried about that since I know he was seen just a few hours beforehand.