Rosie and Bobby after mating this evening - February 15th, 2013

I was only a block away from Washington Square Park when a fellow Hawk-watcher in the park texted that Rosie and Bobby had just mated. I was a little disappointed to have missed seeing the mating but at least I got to see the pair sitting in a nicely relaxed state together for close to twenty five minutes.

Atop NYU's Silver Center:

They looked behind them at a raptor sitting nearby:

It was a Cooper's Hawk on the water tower:

The Hawk flew south.

Bobby on the left, Rosie on the right:

Geese passed over the park (flying from southeast to northwest):

Bobby dropped down to the park trees when it got dark:


She flew south, over Bobst Library.

After a few minutes Rosie appeared again, flying over Silver Center.

My Hawk-watching comrade found Bobby sitting in a tree he's roosted in many times over the past couple of years since we've known him:

We looked for Rosie in a couple of her regular roosting spots but didn't find her.