Southeastern Central Park Birds, one Hawk - February 1st, 2013

Plaza Hotel nest site:

Still very twiggy:

Sparrow enjoying a sand bath on the path I was on:

Preening Mallard:

Ah, the Wood Duck I've become quite fond of:

I kept checking the side of The Plaza and other familiar perches for the Southeastern Central Park Red-tailed Hawks. 

One finally flew from the north, towards the Sherry-Netherland Hotel and GM Building:

It dropped down toward the Plaza but didn't land:

It disappeared northeast.

Shadow of the Sherry-Netherland:

The Hawk returned:

Descending on The Plaza again:

Off the Plaza and headed northwest:

It was pretty cold and breezy out so I headed back inside as soon as the Hawk disappeared. I had decent sightings in the span of those forty minutes.