Southeastern Central Park Hawk nearness - February 15th, 2013

In this post are photos I took Friday afternoon while visiting the Southeastern corner of Central Park. 

I hadn't seen either of the Plaza Hawks on the Plaza Hotel at first so I went to The Pond to check on the birds that live near there.

The Great Blue Heron that has been spotted in recent weeks was there:

One of the Hawks flew into view:

Flying past The Plaza:

He flew into a tree behind me:

I then noticed that his mate was now sitting on the side of The Plaza:

The male was searching for prey:

The female hopped off The Plaza:

The female came in for a landing on the east-facing side of The Plaza:

The male flew to another tree:

The male then leapt after prey I could not see:

He quickly turned around and went back into the tree:


It was time to soar:

He flew too far for me to walk to so I headed back to work. I checked The Plaza for the female but I didn't find her. Later on while at work I looked out a coworker's window and saw one of the Hawks soaring nicely above Grand Army Plaza.