Bobby Hawk's pole perch before bedtime - March 19th, 2013

During lunch I spotted the Plaza Male flying in circles a few times above 5th Avenue and Central Park's Grand Army Plaza:

He perched on his favorite building perch of late:

He was on his own and staying put so I went to the park's pond to see the water fowl.

I got some neat shots of the park's Mallards I will have to post in the near future.

After work I visited Washington Square Park to check on Bobby and Rosie.

I was surprised to see an Osprey flying in sweeping, fairly low circles above the northern border of the park!

It was gone after a few seconds unfortunately.

Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers were exploring a tree together:

Bobby arrived at the park from the east. He landed on the closest flag pole to the nest.

Returning to the same pole:

He sat and preened for close to forty five minutes before flying to a mystery roost for the night.