Crown Building nest site and Plaza Male on his own again - March 14th, 2013

I had a look at the Crown Building nest site today to see if the Plaza Male's recent twig drop-offs were amounting to anything.

It is located to the left of the center port hole-like window:

A pile of sticks and twigs but not exactly a handsome nest:

I moved to the other side of the building I was in (which overlooks Central Park) and looked for the Plaza Male and hopefully Octavia. 

I was surprised to realize I hadn't seen them together for nine days. That doesn't mean they hadn't palled around in those nine days (just that I didn't happen to catch them together).

Thankfully, Octavia isn't missing per se since she was confirmed seen mating with and helping Pale Male fortify his nest on March 10th.

I did spot the Plaza Male flying above the southeastern section of Central Park. I was shooting these photos through office windows so apologies for the muddier appearance.

Flying northwest-ward:

Coming up on the Central Park Zoo's seal tank:

Along Fifth Avenue, northward:

Heading south again:

Approaching the east-facing side of the Plaza Hotel:

He was preening:

Pierre Hotel:


Buildings including Pale Male's nest:

North of Central Park (no Hawk in this photo, just a landscape shot):

The Plaza Male had hopped off the hotel by this point but soon returned:

Over the Apple Store complex:

A zoomed-in shot of Pale Male's nest with a Hawk in it!

My break was over so I had to return to work.

Soon before the work day was over I caught sight of who was probably the Plaza male heading toward the hotel (from a different coworker's window):

I went to Grand Army Plaza right after work to look for the Plaza Male and Octavia. I did not see either of them. I couldn't stay long before heading downtown to Washington Square Park to see Rosie and Bobby.

Crown Building as seen from Grand Army Plaza:

My visit to Washington Square Park was a bust yet again. I was too early for Bobby's eventual arrival, visit at the nest ledge, then his roosting at the Red Roost Inn (as documented by a fellow Hawk-watcher who visited the park after I had left).