Latest Washington Square Park Hawk updates - March 21st, 2013

Apologies for being a little behind in posting these updates as I know many people care so very much for Bobby and Rosie Hawk and kin and want to know how they are. They're doing great; switching incubation duty of their three eggs, Rosie's getting regular nest breaks, and Bobby is in top form.

If you haven't heard already, the nest cam will be re-activated soon (Evening edit, the cam is live*) and I for one am excited to get to watch Rosie turn and settle down on the three little eggs, the hatches, feedings, and (best of all) the post-meal faceplants!


Of course, I'll be down in the park regularly to document the goings-on that can't be seen online.


Evening edit continued:

Here's the link to the cam:

I'll embed the cam at the bottom of my blog's home page as well.