Octavia & Plaza Male, Bobby & Rosie's dinner - March 5th, 2013

Plaza Male, just having landed on a Plaza Hotel flag pole:

A few minutes later on The Sherry-Netherland Hotel with Octavia (who is seated on the left):

He flew over me, The Pond, and to a group of trees to the west:

He returned to Octavia after a couple of minutes:

He left his perch again:

She jumped after him in hot pursuit:

I saw him later, flying between the Sherry-Netherland and GM Building:

I lost sight of him as he flew over the GM building.


Washington Square Park after work.

Bobby was on Judson Memorial Church cross when I arrived:

He collected some pigeon leftovers:

He took it to a building at Washington Square North (looking through the break in the park arch):

Rosie spied him and his food and joined him:

He mantled, or protectively covered, his food with his wings as soon as she started to descend.

He flew off the building and returned to the trees, leaving the food with her.

From my new vantage point I could see that Bobby had moved to the park arch, watching her eat:

She wiped her beak clean:

Bobby then flew to the dinner table, chirping to her as he joined her:

Rosie left, letting him finish whatever was left of the food scraps:

She flew across the park and to the side of Judson Memorial Church. I then lost where she flew next.


Bobby picked his talons clean after eating.

I did see one of the Hawks in the park trees across from where I last saw Bobby but lost it as it flew from tree to tree.

Neither Rosie or Bobby wound up at their usual roosts for the night.