One egg in Rosie and Bobby's nest! - March 7th, 2013

5:30PM - I just received a text from a friend that there is one egg in Rosie and Bobby's nest! This news was apparently broken by NYU President Sexton during a meeting recently.

Other Hawk-watchers I know are trying to get verification as to when the egg was first seen in the nest. Very exciting!!!

The first egg they laid last year was on March 6th, 2012.

As I mentioned in the post I just linked to, "Per Wikipedia, it takes between 28-35 days for eggs to incubate then hatch."

That would mean this egg could hatch sometime between April 4th - 11th.

This would explain why only one Hawk was seen roosting last night (at NYU's Silver Center) and neither the night before. Rosie may have been roosting on the nest, incubating this egg as early as two nights ago (Tuesday the 5th).

Silver Center is diagonally across the park from the nest so it was most likely Bobby who was roosting there, overlooking the nest. The Silver Center roost is one of his favorites.

Update at 6:45PM - A friend in Washington Square Park just informed me she saw one of the Hawks fly into the nest (in the dark).

Update at 7:00PM - The same friend let me know Bobby was roosting at Silver Center, just as the Hawk did last night. So it was likely Bobby who was at Silver last night and it is most certainly Rosie who is in the nest now.