Rosie and Bobby's cross and nest switch - March 11th, 2013

Rosie landed on Judson Memorial Church cross shortly after I arrived at Washington Square Park today.

She had a nice full crop and was digesting as she perched.

She flew off after twenty minutes:

Bobby rose up from incubation duty:

He left the nest after several seconds:

He took his turn at the cross:

Rosie then settled down into the nest again:

Bobby flew to a perch along Third Street (one block south) after a minute:

I went to Third Street to look for him and only caught sight of him as he flew back toward the park.

I didn't find where his new perch was but did spot him as he flew from the direction of a building along the western side of the park and over the park trees again:

He flew east, beyond the park. It was time to leave for the evening so that was the last I saw of him for the day but it was good to know he and Rosie were doing well.