Rosie in the nest as Bobby keeps watch - March 8th, 2013

It was getting dark by the time I got to visit Washington Square Park today. 

Rosie tucked into the Bobst Library nest:

Squirrel friends palling around nearby:

Bobby appeared from the east and soared above Washington Square Park:

He landed on NYU's Education Building flag pole:

He flew east again.

Rosie stepped out of the bowl of the nest to stretch her legs:

Back to her egg(s?):

Bobby flew onto the nest ledge to join her:

He flew out after four minutes:

He flew directly to Judson Memorial Church's cross:

He spent the next few minutes flying past the buildings lining the park and soaring beautifully:

The last we saw him was when he was a few blocks north of the park. We all went home so we didn't get to see where he wound up roosting.