Rosie's dinner during her nest break - March 23rd, 2013

I arrived at Washington Square Park around 3:15PM on Saturday. The nest site looking good with Sexton's framed items lined tightly in a row against the window so the birds don't get so spooked by inside activity:

A squirrel found a great piece of paper towel for his nest:

But some mean squirrel higher up in the tree attacked him so he dropped his nesting material:

I was at this point looking for Bobby in case he was hunting in the trees. 

I went to the park's square to get a better view of the whole area and saw Rosie just as she flew by for a nest break. I learned later that this occurred after Bobby flew in to the nest ledge and took on incubation duty for her (naturally).

Landing on Two Fifth Avenue:

She flew from west to east then back again:

She landed in a tree at the western side of the park:

She was in a tree overlooking what some of us Hawk-watchers on the ground call The Pigeon Path since it's where pigeons are regularly fed.

She kept her eye on one particular young pigeon:

But others flying near her as they landed on other trees interested her as well of course:

She then enjoyed a nice bout of stretching and preening:

A park regular was guarding the little pigeon (with some humor of course) from Rosie. He was explaining to a friend that he recently found it and it seemed to be a few days old. He said it wasn't flying much. 

It sounded to me as though it may have been sick but it was none of my business so I kept to myself and kept photographing Rosie and chatting with random people who'd approach me and ask what that beautiful bird in the tree was all about.

Clearing her throat:

The din of drumming and chanting got closer and closer. I turned around and saw it was caused by Occupation Wall Street rally marchers, heading right in my direction.

I whipped around to fire off a couple of shots.

Three friends who found themselves 'leading' the charge:

NYPD suits not looking so thrilled to be there:

Rosie watched with her usual ho-humness:

Some of the passing group must have noticed my activity because they turned to take a look at Rosie:

Rosie saw as the little pigeon walked into the open:

The pigeon's guardian tried to chase Rosie but he had no chance of catching up with her. Besides, the little pigeon was a goner at that point.

Looked like this man may have been swinging at her:

Note the photo shoot in the background and the lady in the purple dress:

The nest ledge is in the distance, above her left wing:

She has what looks like dried discharge stuck to the area below her eye:

Cleaning her beak:

The Hawks like to use a different branch or area of the same branch a good distance from their meal for their beak-cleaning. It makes sense in that one part of a branch is the 'dinner table' while the other is a clean spot to freshen up.

She flew out of the trees and to a nearby building's chimney:

She returned to the nest at 5:09PM (according to my camera's time stamp):

That means her nest break was for just over an hour and a half.

Bobby then flew out of the nest:

He flew directly to the tree I and a couple of others were standing by (where Rosie ate the pigeon):

I thought he might have come to that tree for the leftovers (left on the branch) but he didn't  approach them.

He stayed on this tree for thirteen minutes.

In a new tree:

He seemed to have headed to that tree to scare away what looked like either a Cooper's Hawk or Sharp-shinned Hawk (which promptly flew away from the park):

Bobby in the air again:

He eventually flew east from the park and out of sight. It was time for me to head out anyway since I had errands to run.