Rosie's egg turn, traps, and Bobby's high dive - March 10th, 2013

Rosie only got up for a few seconds during my visit to Washington Square Park today. She stood up, turned around, seemed to roll/tend to her egg (I've not yet heard if there is more than one egg in the nest), then settle down again.

Tucking in again:

It was very quiet in the park Hawk-wise so I went to check out the rat traps that line Washington Square North (across the street from the park).

The poison labels have all been scratched off and only the labels announcing that the traps have no poison remain.

Some Mourning Doves hanging out by one of the traps:

I photographed eighteen of these traps on this one block alone. It's pretty scary to think how high the risk was for Bobby and Rosie to have died from eating a poisoned rat from these traps.

To emphasize that point, here are the other seventeen traps from the row:


These traps are located outside the entry stairwells of the townhouses in the upper right-hand side of the Google Map shot below:

I looked up and spotted Bobby sitting high up on One Fifth Avenue (overlooking the park from the north):

Only in New York!

Bobby descended into steep dive, tucking in like a bullet:

He scared up a few pigeons when he reached the building tops.

Because of the trees between us, I couldn't tell if he landed on a building, veered right and kept going, or if he then entered the nest to relieve Rosie of her incubating duties.

As I got closer to where Bobby was last seen, I spotted one of the Hawks on Judson Memorial Church cross.

I couldn't tell who it was for sure.

I was getting very cold so I left (which is always difficult to do when there's a Hawk in sight!).