Two Central Park Hawk visits and WSP sightings - March 13th, 2013

I was able to spend a little time during lunch and after work at southeastern Central Park today thanks to the extra sunlight from the recent Daylight Saving Time switch. 

Lunch time. I barely got a shot of two Red-tailed Hawks flying east from Grand Army Plaza: 

They were too high up for me to identify.

There's nothing much left in terms of a nest at the Plaza Hotel. This is how the original nest site looks as of today (lucky shot of what might be a House Finch flying by right below the ledge):

Here's how the next ledge down looks (just about devoid of nesting material):

It's possible the Plaza Male has been building a better nest somewhere. I saw this male bring new nesting material to another corner of The Plaza but when I had a look at that site, there were no noticeable twigs.

I'll have a chance to take a look down at the old Crown Building nest either tomorrow or Friday to see if it's in better shape than it was last year. 

I've seen the Plaza Male bring material to that Crown Building spot recently but it's not a great location since it gets waterlogged during rainstorms and the material can get blown off easily.

After work. The Plaza Male flew lower than earlier, affording a better view of him:

 Flying past The Plaza:

Heading west:

On the return four minutes later:

Coming in for a landing on The Plaza:

He was on his own during my visit.

He flew northwest and out of sight.

I then headed down to Washington Square Park to check on Rosie and Bobby. Rosie was well tucked down in the nest so I couldn't see her. 

Bobby didn't appear during my stay (I had a time limit tonight) so I missed seeing him by half an hour. A friend in the park noted that he and Rosie switched nest duty during her visit.

Bobby eventually roosted at the Red Roost Inn as he did last night as well.