Update on rat traps along Washington Square North - March 6th, 2013

Below is a follow-up to my post about the rat bait traps along Washington Square North (across the street from the park).

Last night while at the park I saw that the labels on the bait traps had been altered with new labels reading, "SNAP TRAPS ONLY - NO POISON". If that is true, then that is great news. A lot of people contacted various agencies to make their concern for the Hawks and this poison known.

Since I have not heard back from NYU or NYC Audubon with any kind of update to that effect, and these new printed labels are on bait stations that still have the poison labels on them, my "glee" over these new labels is a bit reserved.

Here is how a trap on this street looked when I photographed it on February 27th:

February 28th:

March 3rd (partial view):

And now how they look as of March 5th when I came across them last night:

A partially-scratched off poison label on one unit:

Apologies for the poor quality of my photos as I didn't have a more appropriate lens with me.

The Aegis - RP bait trap does have an allowance for a snap trap as seen in the video here: Aegis - RP. So of course it's possible the bait was removed from the units and replaced with snap traps. If they were, why not remove the poison labels entirely? That's the main reason why I viewed the new labels with a bit of skepticism. But I really hope my skepticism is just that and that Bobby and Rosie and any other wildlife in the area that could have been affected by poisoned vermin are now safe!

Realistically, I don't fully expect the officials I contacted to respond to my emails but I know that any news they would provide would be appreciated and go a long way in creating or maintaining a spirit of community. But to whoever ordered the rat poison be switched out with snap traps I say, "Thank you!"