Windy day, no Central Park Hawks - March 6th, 2013

Gusts in the New York City area were between twenty and thirty miles per hour during my break to visit Central Park.

There were no Red-tailed Hawks around but some of the birds around the park's pond were about.

Great Blue Heron tucked in among some reeds:

The Wood Duck was swimming with a female Mallard.

They were together the whole time I was there.

A few Canada Geese were swimming around as well.

Starling taking a bath:

Fishing float/bobber in a tree by The Pond?

It's legal to fish at The Pond. I've seen guys angling for sunfish but the only creature I saw catch one was a Black-crowned Night Heron.

Plaza Hotel nest site (one of a few?):

Still sparse.

Pigeons scattered about, trying to navigate the strong gusts:

Sign blown flat:

Later on I was told that neither Bobby or Rosie roosted at their regular roost but one of the Hawks was seen roosting at NYU's Silver Center.