Double Hawk nest switches and Bobby's bath - April 8th, 2013

It was a lucky Red-tailed Hawk day today.

Plaza Male was on his own at Central Park's Grand Army Plaza. He was on his Sherry-Netherland Hotel perch:

The William Tecumseh Sherman Monument is undergoing much-needed restoration:

Plaza Male had perched on a section of the Sherry-Netherland I hadn't seen him at before:

I walked north and visited Pale Male and Octavia's nest.

Pale Male showed up after several minutes and relieved Octavia of egg-warming duty:

I lost sight of her as she flew over the trees, heading southwest.

I came upon a raccoon in a tree as I searched for her:

I wasn't feeling optimistic I'd find Octavia so I headed back south to Plaza Male's territory.

I saw him circling the sky in front of the Sherry-Netherland when I had reached 63rd Street (and Fifth Avenue):

My day ended at Washington Square Park.

Nest from below:

I had been waiting around for a sign of either Bobby or Rosie for half an hour when Rosie finally appeared. She had flown from northwest of the park to a favorite rooftop garden. 

She gathered some nesting material and promptly returned to the nest:

Bobby flew out and landed on Judson Memorial Church cross:

He then flew over the trees at the western side of the park:

Twisting to fit between branches:

Circling back:

He perched on part of the NYU Law Building roof:

He stepped into the rain gutter and took a brief dip:

It was the same gutter Rosie had bathed in last spring but on the east-facing side of the gutter rather than Rosie's north-facing side.

Having a drink:

Clearing his throat:


He soared higher and higher and flew to an unknown location so I left after several minutes of searching for him. 

I later heard from a fellow Hawk-watcher that he roosted at one of his favorite spots so he was nicely accounted for.