Today's feedings - April 13th, 2013

Rosie and her first hatchling have gotten the feeding process down to perfection.

Below are some of the feedings I happened to see throughout the day.

One precious moment was when the baby had a piece of meat dangling from the side of its mouth:

Rosie deftly picked it up from the side of the baby's beak and placed it in its mouth:

Bobby joined them on the nest later on (he is on the right):

Rosie left the ledge to take a nest break.

Bobby left a couple of minutes later.

Rosie then came back to warm her brood again.

Later at 10:53AM:



Rosie went to feed the baby the rat that had been at the nest for hours but she wasn't getting much meat out of it. As if on schedule, Bobby flew right into the nest with a pigeon kill. The meat was fresh and Rosie fed the baby the new food: