Nest switches and Rosie's dinner - April 16th, 2013

I saw one of the Washington Square Park Red-tailed Hawks float into the nest as soon as I approached the park and Bobst Library.

I didn't yet have my camera ready so I didn't get the flight into the nest but I got Rosie's flight out of the nest seconds later:

She flew west then turned south behind NYU's Kimmel Center (a regular route of hers):

She reappeared, flying high above the park trees:

She returned to the nest nine minutes after leaving it:

Bobby joined her at the nest, entering from the north:

He flew out and soared about the northern end of the park for seven minutes before landing at One Fifth Avenue:

He flew northward:

Bobby returned to the nest about an hour and ten minutes later:

He left two minutes later:

He headed east:

Then south:

There was no action except for an entertaining band putting on a performance forty minutes later:

Rosie up and about in the nest:

Bobby reappeared and soared above the park square nearly an hour after I last saw him. He was flying from the west to the northeast. He disappeared again.

Rosie took some of the prey from the nest to a building top to eat for dinner:

She was on part of the NYU law school building roof (a few doors west of the nest):

Her meal lasted nine minutes.

She landed on a building at the western side of the park, overlooking the park:

She returned to the nest:

I had to leave but did find out later from a fellow Hawk-watcher that Bobby was seen roosting at the Red Roost Inn for the evening.