Octavia and Plaza Male soaring together, no WSP Hawkage - April 6th, 2013

Plaza Male and Octavia were soaring together when I arrived at the Southeastern corner of Central Park today.

Plaza Male:



She flew north (perhaps back to her and Pale Male's nest).

Plaza Male flew over 59th Street, the street along the southern border of the park. He was heading west:

Spot the Hawk (answer at the bottom of this post!*):

He started to land at the Ritz-Carlton but decided against it and kept going west:

I ventured north to Pale Male's territory. 

Downy Woodpecker working away:

Pale Male's nest:

I stood across from and under the nest for about an hour but saw no Hawk action.

I walked back south to Plaza Male's territory.

I saw him on his Sherry-Netherland perch when I was a few blocks north of Grand Army Plaza: 

He was pretty relaxed so I went downtown to visit Washington Square Park to see if I could catch Bobby and Rosie during a nest switch.

I was out of luck. I didn't get to see Bobby or Rosie in action the hour I was at WSP. It was getting pretty chilly and it had already been a long day so I and a friend left the park.

*Answer to the 'Spot the Hawk' from above: