Octavia with Plaza Male, Bobby and Rosie nest switch - April 10th, 2013

Spring in Central Park:

Plaza Male flying past the GM Building (5th Avenue and 58th Street):

As I was watching the Plaza Male soar, I heard another Red-tailed Hawk crying out loud somewhere behind me.

I turned to see a fight between two Hawks in progress high above the Central Park pond:

One of the Hawks turned out to be Octavia (she is on the right):

She and Plaza Male teamed up and soared together for a little while:

She then landed on the Sherry-Netherland Hotel tower railing:

Plaza Male flew after her and perched near her:

He then flew off and landed on one of the lower gargoyles:

Octavia stayed put on the railing:

She is seen still seated on the railing as he hops off his gargoyle:

Plaza Male:

He returned to the Sherry-Netherland and landed on a lower cornice:

Back in flight:

After much soaring, he landed on the Plaza Hotel:

He looked down at someone who was standing on a lower level, hands up to take his photo:

He flew again:

GM Building in the background, part of the Sherry-Netherland on the left:

Octavia hopped off the Sherry-Netherland and soared with him again:

They both then flew back to the Sherry-Netherland:

 Both preened and sat for a few minutes (Plaza Male on the right):

They then resumed soaring:

They then went their separate ways.

I sat on the grass in the park for a few before heading south to Washington Square Park.


Washington Square Park.

I waited under Rosie and Bobby's nest site for an hour for a nest switch.

I was close to leaving the park when Bobby appeared and landed in the nest:

Zoomed in:

Rosie then left the nest and flew west then south:

I found her again after about fifteen minutes. She had landed on the top of One Fifth Avenue:

She soared in my direction (southward) then southeast from the park. 

She returned to view six minutes later:

She dropped down, seemingly after prey:

I looked for her for a while but didn't see where she went and I had to leave anyway.