Octavia's baby break, no Hawk action in WSP - April 22nd, 2013

Plaza Male was seated atop his Pierre Hotel perch when I arrived at Central Park's Grand Army Plaza today.

He flew off The Pierre after half an hour:

He landed on The Plaza Hotel (diagonally across Grand Army Plaza):

He flew northwest and above the park's tree line after five minutes:

GE Building behind the Sherry-Netherland Hotel:

I had lost hope that I'd find the Plaza Male again so I did some sight-seeing around the southeastern side of the park before making my out.

I stopped dead in my tracks upon seeing a Red-tailed Hawk seated on the side of The Plaza:

It was Octavia on a break from her nest. Pale Male dot com reports that she and Pale Male were seen feeding their hatchling(s?) over the weekend.

I only had a second to take the above photo because she hopped off The Plaza and circled above Grand Army Plaza for a minute before heading northeast (in the direction of her and Pale Male's nest):

I saw who I think was the Plaza male circling in the sky with her for a few seconds before she darted off. They did not make any physical contact or fly together for very long. Unfortunately I could not get the two of them in the same frame because of the nature of my telephoto lens.

Octavia in front of the Sherry-Netherland:

Heading home(?):

I had hoped to see the Plaza male again before I left Central Park but I don't know where he went.


Washington Square Park.

I have no idea what this squirrel was eating (a Fruit Roll Up? Doggy rawhide treat?):

Bobby and Rosie's nest from below:

I searched around Washington Square Park for over an hour but never got to see Bobby or Rosie either in the nest or out and about. A friend watching Rosie on the cam let me know she was in the nest with the kids.

Bobby was reported seen briefly at the nest at 7:55PM so he was accounted for later this evening.