One egg is hatching (Hatched!) - April 12th, 2013

8:58AM: The egg on the right has a visible hole/crack from where the eyass is starting to pip through the shell.

9:55AM Update: New shot of the egg as Rosie stands over the nest:

1:27PM Update: Bobby looks on as Rosie gets up from the nest:

Bobby then began to incubate the eggs after Rosie flew off the nest ledge for a break.

3:30PM Update: The first baby has started to wriggle out of its shell:

4:59PM: Full look at the new baby (lying down to the right of the eggs):

It was struggling to sit or stand up but Rosie then settled down onto it to warm it along with the other two eggs. Bobby flew off the ledge at that point.

Rosie eating the remnants lining the empty egg shell:

6:00PM: Bobby brought a rodent to the nest for his family:

6:11PM: Hatchling standing up briefly as Rosie ate some of the rat:

Rosie then nestled onto the babes for a while.

7:15PM: First attempt at feeding:

After a few tries it did look like the baby successfully ate a tiny morsel before Rosie settled down on it and the eggs to incubate again.