Peaceful CP Hawks, Bobby and Rosie flight action - April 24th, 2013

The Plaza male was on his Sherry-Netherland perch at Central Park's Grand Army Plaza today:

He did not budge the twenty minutes I waited below him so I walked north to visit Octavia and Pale Male's nest.

Octavia was up. She looked like she was feeding her hatchling(s?):

She settled down into the nest.

I did not see Pale Male during my visit. I left the site after about twenty five minutes.


Washington Square Park.

I spotted Bobby on the scaffolding at Two Fifth Avenue two minutes after my arrival (a nice lucky break):

Construction workers were below and near him working away. The sounds of their machinery and work was very loud so I was surprised Bobby was so close to their activity.

He dropped into the trees at the western side of the park after less than ten minutes.

He rose up from the trees and circled in the sky a few times but then I lost sight of him as he flew further southwest.

I spotted him atop a building at the southwest corner of the park a few minutes later:

Rosie flew to and past Bobby's building forty five minutes later:

Bobby then flew off his perch and circled in the sky with her for several seconds before he continued on and toward the direction of their nest.



She landed on a different section of the building Bobby was at minutes earlier:

She had a nice sun bath full of preening for almost twenty minutes.

She flew up and circled the western side of the park for a spell:

She then tucked in and dove toward the direction of the nest:

She surprised me though and did not return to the nest but flew past and to NYU's Education Building:

She then flew behind the building and out of sight.

Bobby left the nest a couple of minutes later, heading west:

He landed on Judson Memorial Church's cross:

He then flew behind the library, heading southeast: 


Then going again:

I searched for him for several minutes but lost him. 

Rosie had already returned to the nest at this point (I didn't get to photograph her returning to the nest but at least I got to see the great sight).