Rosie and Bobby during a nest break - April 1st, 2013

It was perfect timing when I first spotted Rosie at Washington Square Park today. I walked past Hawkless Judson Memorial Church, turned the corner, looked back, then saw Rosie on the cross (who had obviously just arrived there).

She flew off almost immediately. She did a half circle in the air then flew right to the nest to relieve Bobby from his egg incubation duty:

Bobby flew out of the nest and into the trees at the western side of the park:

He flew across the park square then north, past Two Fifth Avenue (an apartment building along the northern border of the park). 

I didn't see him again but it was a treat to see him and Rosie out and about the forty minutes I was in the park.

Springtime buds, finally!

Rosie in the nest, turning her three eggs maybe:

Mourning Dove foraging: