Rosie's nest break, Bobby protecting their territory - April 14th, 2013

Rosie took a nest break at 10:36AM this morning:

She crossed the park and flew to a terrace at One Fifth Avenue (building at the northern border of the park):

She was twigging, seeking nesting material:

It cracks me up that she often gathers nesting material from locations other than the park trees.

The tip snapped under her weight and she fell then flew off:

She disappeared when flying east away from the park.

Bobby was in the nest on guard duty:

Rosie reappeared with nesting material and returned to the nest at 10:45AM:

Bobby then left the nest:

He flew southeast.

Seventeen minutes later I was chatting with two other Hawk-watchers when one of them noticed the reflection of a Hawk in the Bobst Library windows. I turned and saw that Bobby was soaring with a juvenile Red-tail.

Bobby was in effect telling it to skedaddle away from the nest and his territory.

It flew over the library and headed west away from the park:

Bobby landed on the top of One Fifth Avenue. It is a good vantage point from which to watch his territory.

Facing the nest (looking beyond it):

Another juvenile Red-tailed Hawk flew to and over the park (from behind Bobby's perch):

It disappeared when it flew east from the park. It was not clear if it was the same juvenile as earlier.

A Robin ate a worm and dug into the earth nearby:

Cormorant flying northeast to southwest:

Bobby flew off One Fifth and flew far west from the park.