Rosie's rat snack break, Bobby's guardianship - April 21st, 2013

It was chilly this morning in NYC but we had beautiful blue skies and glorious sunlight.

It was pretty quiet in the park Hawk action-wise. 

Rosie fiddling with the roof paper-looking material in the nest:

She left the nest ten minutes later with part of a rat and circled above the park square with it:

She then brought it east from the park, presumably to eat it.

Bobby then appeared almost instantly (out of nowhere) and soared above the eastern side of the park. He then landed on a favored flag pole. From there he could keep watch over the nest and the rest of the park while Rosie was away.

Fifteen minutes after perching he jumped down to the tree line beneath him as if in pursuit of something:

Zoomed-in look:

He didn't catch anything so he rose up, soared above the park some more, then flew to one of his favorite perches above Two Fifth Avenue (building at the northern edge of the park):

It was around this time when Rosie returned to the nest.

I was focused on looking at Bobby so hadn't seen Rosie land in the nest but a fellow Hawk-watcher had and let me know of her return.

Bobby left his perch only seconds after landing on it. I had to wonder if he flew off because he had seen Rosie return to the nest. I write this because he flew over the square and toward the nest, getting closer to his family.

He soared in a few circles near and above the library (the nest site) before once again landing on his flag pole perch, overlooking over his domain and family.

He flew east and out of sight eventually so my Hawk-watching group dispersed for the day.