Third egg is hatching (Hatched!) - April 15th, 2013

9:11AM. I witnessed the third egg pipping live on the cam at 9:00AM this morning. It could very well hatch later today.

I'll update this post throughout the day with screen shots of the pipping and hatching I may happen to catch.

During 9:51AM feeding:



At 12:33PM the egg started to split even more. The camera started to jostle. It was obvious that someone from inside Sexton's office was moving the camera. Rosie got disturbed, stood up straight, and puffed up in size. Bobby flew to the nest ledge protectively in an instant. He stood guard for five minutes before he determined all was well and left the ledge.

First peek at the new eyass through the crack (right side of egg):

Rosie then tucked her brood underneath her.


The egg is fully cracked (one of the babes on top of the newborn):

Bobby landed on the nest within a minute:

Rosie took a break and left the ledge.

Bobby below. The hatchling's head, shoulders, and wings in view:

Rosie returned six minutes later with a big twig for the nest:

Bobby left the ledge:

1:24PM: Rosie ate the egg lining that spilled out of the shell:

1:37PM: Rosie took a globule of the egg lining out of the nest:

The new hatchling was under its siblings:

Rosie returned after six minutes:

3:11PM: The youngest hatchling is standing furthest on the right:

The late afternoon lighting was not conducive to capturing good screen shots but you get the gist. The newest hatchling did not eat this time around but that's fine as I learned the nutrition it received in the egg should keep it sated for a while (certainly until its first meal).

4:34PM: The latest hatchling had its first meal:

It was tricky going at first since it was still pretty bobble-headed as it tried to stand straight and eat properly but the hatchling and Rosie got the hang of it after only a minute or so.