Bobby's protectiveness, Rosie's high nest break - May 16th, 2013

I spent just over three hours at Washington Square Park today with Bobby, Rosie, and their youngins. 

Two of the babes looking up, perhaps at Bobby who was seated at One Fifth Avenue across the park from them?


Bobby flew off his perch and did something I'd never seen him do before; he chased a seagull away from his territory:

The gull had been flying a bit lower than gulls usually do over the park square and my guess is Bobby didn't like how close it was to the nest so he aggressively drove it away.

Bobby then flew to his new, now regular perch at One University Place:

Off after a few minutes:

Cormorants flying past the park:

Bobby floated to the trees:

He flew to a tree near where I and a friend were standing:

He had swooped all the way around the park and landed on Judson Memorial Church's cross tower:

Rosie finally appeared:

She got dive-bombed by a Falcon moments after she landed on her new perch:

She flew off and landed on the north-facing side of One Fifth Avenue, away from view:

Bobby watched her flight.

Bobby then flew to a favored perch on NYU's Silver Center:

He flew back to the nest after five minutes:

One of the kids walked along the edge and practiced flapping:

Bobby flew out of the nest around this point.

Flapping up a storm:

Rosie flew to the top of One Fifth:

Bobby flew back to the nest:

He then left the nest and perched near Rosie:

Bobby stretched to look up at Rosie at one point:

Rosie returned to the nest nearly three hours after I had arrived at the park:


I couldn't see where Bobby flew so I searched for him for a few minutes. I couldn't find him.

I left the park to run errands and was shocked to see Bobby on a building a block east of the park (on a block I normally don't walk when leaving so it was lucky I came upon him):

He was only three floors up (which is rather low for the Hawks):

A couple of pigeons landed behind him on the same cornice:

He did not see where they had landed at first.

He noticed them only after he turned around to fly off the perch. He tilted his head to get a better look at them:

One of the pigeons on the far left:

Bobby flew back to the park: