Highlights from today's long Hawking day - May 29th, 2013

I was in Washington Square Park for several hours today and saw lots of action but will only post the highlights I enjoyed.

Bobby flying into the nest early in my visit:

He flew to the top of one of his favorite trees at the western side of the park at one point:

Moving from one branch to another:

He left his tree and headed south:

Within an instant Rosie appeared and flew to the tree he had been in. It was obvious she had been nearby the whole time:

Bobby quickly returned and joined her:

Rosie crouched a little upon his approach:

It took a few seconds but he finally found some good footing.

Bobby on the right:

Rosie and Bobby were twigging (gathering nesting material). But they dropped whatever they cut from the tree.

Rosie twigging on the left:

Bobby flew off and chased pigeons that were flying by the square's fountain but he didn't catch any of them.

Rosie took to the air. She and Bobby circled the sky together for a couple of minutes. 

Rosie landed on a flag pole at the eastern side of the park:

And Bobby landed on One University Place:

Both of them in the same shot:

They spent lots of time close by each other and the nest today. I figure it's because they know it is getting closer and closer to fledging time.

The little Hawks in a more relaxed mode (the haze from today's heat and humidity is pretty obvious in this photo):

Later in the day...

Rosie went to the nest. I had just missed seeing her land so I don't know if she had delivered food.

She eventually went to Judson Memorial Church's cross:

Bobby appeared, flying north above the park then circling back. He looked like he went to the trees at the western side of the park.

Rosie left the cross then soared and circled south of the park and over Bobst Library.

Oopsie, the cloud of baby feathers could only mean I was missing some sweet jump-flapping action:

Zoomed in a little: