Inwood Hill Park Hawk parents and nest - May 4th, 2013

Inwood Hill Park is at the northwest tip of Manhattan Island. I visited Inwood Hill Park last Saturday as well as today. 

Apparently the resident Red-tailed Hawks' nest was destroyed last October by Hurricane Sandy. 

I did not find the new location of the nest last week (though I did see lots of beautiful Palm Warblers) but I did today. 

The new nest is huge and well-built.

Who I assume was the mother was in the nest:

The male(?) was on a branch near the nest, in the open and watching all that was happening in the area:

Only once did I catch a glimpse of what looked like a babe in the nest. It is the gray shape behind and to the left of the vertical stick in the center of the photo below:

I know, not a great shot but it sure did look like independent movement behind the sticks. I don't know how many eggs or eyasses are in this particular nest.

Stretching and preening dad:

The Hawks appeared to be peaceful. There were a few little birds that would perch near them and look as if they were going to dive-bomb them but then they would fly off, leaving the Hawks alone.

The male looked toward the mother and the nest several times (as though checking on them to make sure all was well). It was lovely to see how bonded and protective he was.

I was with the Hawks for about an hour. They never once left their perches so I left and enjoyed walking around the rest of the neighborhood, nearby Fort Tryon Park and The Cloisters Museum grounds.