Muggy day jump-flapping - May 21st, 2013

It was pretty hot and muggy today so I spent less time than I normally would with the Hawks.

Rosie was in the nest with the kids when I arrived at Washington Square Park today.

A film crew was shooting who knows what at the fountain:

... and action!

Bobby was on One Fifth Avenue, looking upon the nest and I think at the flock of pigeons that hang out in the mews below the building:

The young Hawks roused and started to jump-flap for exercise/flight practice:

Getting some lift while flapping up a feather storm:

Half running/half flying along the ledge:

All the babes got some jump-flapping in:

Rosie flew out of the nest, circled above the park square, then joined Bobby in flight northeast of the park:

Either Cormorants or Geese in the distance:

With Bobby:

They both flew northeast for a few so I left the park since it was uncomfortably hot and humid.