Rain delays in Hawkery - May 25th, 2013

The mix of rainy days and nights with unexpected busyness over the last few days set me back Hawking-wise.

I went to Washington Square Park today during a dry spell but it started to lightly rain as soon as I got there.

Hello, dear:

The babe's sibling on the other side of the ledge:

I had to tuck under the trees to get out of the rain.

I spotted Rosie on a Two Fifth Avenue terrace through the trees:

It then began to pour. Just my luck!

Rosie flew off the terrace and flew to the nest in a roundabout swoop along the eastern then southern edges of the park:

The rain was really coming down.

I had to photograph from quite a distance in order to keep my equipment relatively dry so apologies for the poor quality of the photos.

All the youngsters got some jump-flapping in.

One had some good runs and flaps along the ledge:

It went back and forth on the ledge but I could not stay longer due to the weather so I hopped on the subway and went home.