Rosie and Bobby after the rain - May 9th, 2013

We've had a couple of heavy rain days this week (including today). The sky cleared early afternoon today so I was able to spend some overdue time watching Rosie and Bobby at Washington Square Park. There was much to see in the 4 1/2 hours I was at the park.

I saw Rosie already seated on Judson Memorial Church cross and Bobby landing on the smaller cross below her as I approached the park.

View of the church tower and smaller green cross in the distance:

Bobby with a rodent in his beak:

Rosie above him:

Bobby flew off his perch with the rodent:

He brought it to the nest:

Babe watching Bobby leave:

Bobby joined Rosie:

Bobby in front:

They sat together for ten minutes. 


Bobby flew out of the park then swooped back to Rosie:

He sat with her for another seven minutes.

He was off again:

Landing at NYU's Silver Center:

He flew off after fifteen minutes. He headed east out of the park then landed on a flagpole closest to the nest:


Much time passed. The sun finally came out and burned through many of the clouds.

Rosie flew off her perch after about an hour and fifty minutes, flew past Bobby, then landed at a familiar perch where she would gather nesting material:


Rosie then perched at Silver Center:

She disappeared when flying over the park.

Bobby flew off his flag pole perch and disappeared too for a while. He had been on the flagpole for close to an hour.

I soon noticed Rosie sitting atop Bobst Library, just above her nest:

She was on NYU's Kimmel Center, the building west of Bobst Library:

Her offspring were up and about, flapping and walking along the nest ledge for a few minutes:


Rosie returned to the cross:

A Turkey Vulture traveled above the park. It first circled then flew over the library then flew north and out of the park:

Bobby flew to the nest:

He exited after a couple of minutes:

He flew south behind the library.

Rosie flew to the park trees across the way from her after having perched on the cross for 45 minutes:

She was watching the pigeons on the fenced-off lawn below her:

She dove after a pigeon:

But it escaped her:

Rosie made another hunting attempt and was successful:

She had snatched a little squirrel from a tree:

She flew, toting the squirrel with her across the park, to the side of Judson Memorial Church:

She disappeared over the trees but looked like she brought the squirrel to the nest after a few minutes:

Bobby had already returned to Silver Center, watching over the nest and the park:

The clouds rolled in and it sprinkled but thankfully it didn't rain again. I had to leave anyway so bid the birds adieu.