Rosie and Bobby's high nest breaks - May 5th, 2013

Rosie and Bobby were in fine form today palling around together around Washington Square Park.

Rosie at the nest ledge:

A fellow Hawk-watcher had seen Rosie leave the nest with food and take it to a low spot by the eastern side of the park. I looked for her but did not see where she might have gone.

An NYPD Helicopter circled low above the park several times:

The same fellow Hawk-watcher suggested the chopper may have been there because of today's Five Boro Bike Tour (hence the extra security measure) which ran a block west of the park. 

It was obnoxious though considering how early in the morning it circled over the beautifully quiet park with dog-watchers, tourists, and sun-worshippers about.  

Helicopter behind Judson Memorial Church:

Bobby circling near where the chopper flew:

I went to look for Rosie again and saw her sitting on the southern corner of NYU's Silver Center:

The Finches were back, flitting about near her:

Rosie left her perch and returned to the nest forty five minutes after I had spotted her on Silver:

I moved more toward the center of the park to get a good look at her in the nest.

Note the blood from her meal on her foot:

Bobby was then across the park on One Fifth Avenue:

He dropped to a low area at the northern side of the park:

Hawk poop on the sidewalk below the nest:

I've yet to see someone get hit with any. 

I missed seeing Rosie leave the nest. My Hawk-watcher companion spotted a Hawk on a residential building a block south of the park. It turned out to be Rosie:

She flew from her building to the Judson Memorial Church cross after seven minutes:


She hopped off after twenty two minutes:

She circled and got very high up at one point:

After circling some more she joined Bobby who had returned to One Fifth Avenue:

Rosie flew off her perch, disappeared when flying high up in the sky again, then joined Bobby at his perch after three minutes.

Rosie on the left:

Bobby left after a minute:

Rosie then left after four minutes:

She flew far east:

Bobby flew south behind Judson Memorial Church:

After waiting a minute to see what would happen next, Rosie reappeared and flew to the top of One Fifth Avenue:

Fifty minutes went by with no action. I then hurried to get closer to Rosie's perch in the hopes of capturing the moment she flew off.

All of a sudden Bobby came in for a landing near her:

Oh no! He couldn't stick the landing:

He immediately righted himself and kept flying:

He perched on a building north of One Fifth Avenue:

He relaxed and preened.

He flew off after half an hour:

I couldn't see where went because of the buildings in the way.

I was shocked to see that Rosie was still on One Fifth! She had been sitting there for at least an hour and fifteen minutes.

I had been at the park for over four hours so I left. When I was southeast of the park I saw Bobby fly high over the street, on his way back to the park from the east. It was a pretty sweet cap to my visit.