Rosie, Bobby, and family doing well - May 26th, 2013

The kids were up, looking over the park:

A fellow Hawk-watcher pointed Rosie out to me. She was on a building west of the nest:

Bobby was on One Fifth Avenue, seemingly looking at her.

Rosie flew west and out of sight.

She popped into view and landed on Judson Memorial Church cross almost an hour later:

She then flew across the park square and landed on One University Place, one of Bobby's new favorite perches:

Flying toward One Fifth (Bobby's building). He was tucked in low on his perch at that point which is why he can't be seen.

She landed on the left-hand side at first:

She tried to land on another area of the building:

But the perches were too thin for her to grab hold of:

None of the perches were working...

...until she found a good bar:

She left after fifteen minutes anyway:

She flew out of sight.

I focused on the kids again.

Still with its young dinosaur face:

Rosie flew to the nest half an hour later. She looked like she was eating or helping the kids to eat:

She took part of a pigeon from the nest and flew north over the park with it a few minutes later:

The Hawks had taken meals to the low buildings lining the northern border of the park before so that's the first place I looked for her.

I found her on a building near the northeastern corner of the park:

I watched her eat for about twenty minutes.

Wiping her beak clean:

She was in hunting mode after her meal, surely in order to feed her offspring.

She was intently watching a flock of small birds in the tree below her.

She hopped down and chased one of the birds but it got away (I didn't see exactly what kind of bird she was hunting but they looked like House Sparrows).

She continued flying toward the park trees:

I lost sight of her.

The babes were up and started to jump-flap.

The funniest part was when one of the little ones did a lot of hopping and flapping in place and looked like it kicked its sibling.