Rosie on a nest break, Bobby watching from on high - May 2nd, 2013

I spotted Rosie having a break on NYU's Silver Center, one of the Hawks' favorite buildings to perch on. It is outside the eastern side of Washington Square Park and is diagonally across the park from the nest.

There were two Finches sitting near her (visible in the above photo).

I'm pretty sure Rosie could see her nest from her high perch.

She hopped off and flew right back to the nest fifteen minutes after I found her:

I started walking toward the center of park to get a better view of Rosie in the nest. I then noticed Bobby on One Fifth Avenue:

I met up with a fellow Hawk-watcher who was already in the park.

Bobby flew from one side of One Fifth to the other:

He then circled around the building then flew far north.

Rosie with two of her babes in view from the ground:

We looked for Bobby for a few minutes but didn't find him before we left the park.