Sunday with Bobby and Rosie - May 12th, 2013

I saw Bobby and Rosie perching or flying for the most part today until Rosie got into pigeon-hunting mode toward the end of my visit.

Bobby on the north east corner of One Fifth Avenue:


A Falcon dive-bombed him:

The Falcon left Bobby. He looked like he was going to stay put for a bit so I returned to the nest site.

Back at the nest with Rosie and the kids:

Bobby flew off then returned to One Fifth Avenue a few minutes afterward:

Finches landed near him:

The higher Finch looked like it was taking a peek at Bobby:

Rosie flew out of the nest and crossed the park to fly near Bobby:

Pigeon from a flock that got scared up when Rosie appeared:

Both Hawks eventually left the building (one several minutes after the other) then disappeared so I returned to the park grounds.

Bobby came back to the park after 45 minutes, perched atop the flag pole closest to the nest:

He flew northward and out of sight.

I returned to a view of Rosie at the nest:

She left the nest then flew into the trees at the western side of the park:

She got into pigeon-hunting mode.

She gave up on hunting that particular flock then flew out of the trees and to a flag pole overlooking the eastern side of the park:

Floating toward the eastern trees:

What looked like a small group of pigeons was being chased in the sky. The trees partially blocked my view but I saw one of the little birds get snatched in mid-air. 

But I couldn't make out exactly what kind of bird was captured:

I returned to the nest and found both parents there. Rosie on the left:

A strong, sustained breeze blew tree seedlings with such force they began to look like snow: