All three fledglings accounted for - June 4th, 2013

It was a good Hawk outing today in Washington Square Park. The birds were doing better than I expected. All three fledglings were accounted for, something I was hoping to accomplish today since I only saw two of the three yesterday when at the park. 

The family has really gotten it together and every member was doing well. The fledglings were always perched high up in trees or on buildings, well out of reach or possible encroachment. Bobby and Rosie provided meals to the fledglings, flew near them protectively, and were always close by.

Most interesting to me was how the Hawks perched together often. Bobby and Rosie perched next to each other a few times. Two of the fledglings palled around together most of the day as well. At one point the two fledglings were no more than a foot apart. The Hawks' closeness throughout the day (and other times in the past as we have seen) proved that these raptors are more sociable than bird textbooks and 'experts' would have you believe.

I had a bunch of photos (as well as a descriptive narrative of what happened) I planned to post but I'm too sleepy so below are some fun, random fledgling pics from the day.

This is a fledgling I heard had flown to this building (NYU's Pless Building) the day before and stayed put. It would continuously fly vertically to try to get into the window or would try to climb the stonework. I was glad to finally see it boldly fly off the building and land high into a park tree: