Early hour with the Hawk family before more rain - June 10th, 2013

My cat woke me early this morning so I figured I might as well visit the Hawks before yet more rain fell on the area. I had only about an hour or two to spare. 

I found four members of the Hawk family in sight at the same time as soon as I approached Washington Square Park at 6:47AM.

I barely caught sight of Rosie as she flew east and out of sight. Bobby was on a favorite NYU building flag pole (Education Building) overlooking two of the fledglings. I'm sure the third was around too but I didn't see it at the moment. One of the fledglings was on a regular apartment building terrace perch and another fledgling was on NYU's Silver Center.


Fledgling on Silver:

Other fledgling on an apartment building diagonally across from the Silver Center fledgling:

Other view of Bobby:

Bobby flew off his perch after twenty minutes.

Flying over the apartment building fledgling:


Landing on the Education Building:

It flew off after three minutes:

Flying north then west toward Silver and the park grounds:

Silver fledgling watching its sibling fly:

I lost sight of the fledgling that had been perched on Silver when I looked away to adjust my camera settings.

I walked closer to Silver and spotted one of the fledglings on the opposite side of the building (one of the parents above it):

I don't know if it was the fledgling that had just been on the Education Building, the one on the other side of Silver, or the third fledgling altogether.

In either case it was watching its sibling that was directly across from it, preening on top of NYU's Pless Hall building. The building is across the street from the eastern side of the park:

Bobby was off the flag pole to the right (the original one I saw him on) so it may have been him on the Silver Center flag pole above the other fledgling. 

The sun peeked out but I knew it would not stay for much longer. I left the park after an hour and a half and made it indoors just in time because it's been raining steadily ever since.