Fledglings and Bobby - June 21st, 2013

I definitely saw two of the Washington Square Park fledglings today (maybe all three because there were breaks between fledgling sightings).

The first one I saw was sitting atop the scaffolding at One University Place, a building by the northeastern corner of the park.

Bobby and Rosie have often sat on that perch.

The fledgling was sitting in place for ten minutes so I headed to the northwestern area since a couple of fellow Hawk-watchers had seen two fledglings there at different points earlier in the day.

I only saw one of the fledglings in that area. It was pretty easy to find since it was freely flying around the trees:

Checking out nearby pigeons:

It dropped down to the ground at one point, chasing after something:

Seen between the two men in the center:

It did not catch anything.

It flew out of the trees and tried to land on a window sill but it couldn't grab hold.

I was too far away to get closer (or obtain a better shot) but you can make out the bird's feet clutching the sill in the distance:

It returned to the trees.

It spent the following twenty minutes playing about from tree to tree and branch to branch.

Some highlights:

Snapping off a twig then dropping it:

I returned to the east side of the park to find one or two of the other fledglings.

I saw one on NYU's Pless Hall. It was begging while sitting on a food drop section of the roof.

It moved to the spot behind the meal 'table' and sunned for a little while:

It then flew to the trees below it fifteen minutes after I spotted it:

It would still cry out and beg in between preens.

There were a lot of people on the lawn or on benches or paths beneath the fledgling but they didn't look up to see what the sounds were about. The people I saw didn't even notice.

I left the park then returned half an hour later.

I saw Bobby on One Fifth Avenue:

I had to leave for good so I did not see what Bobby did next.

I passed the begging fledgling still in its tree: